Planning Meetings

Harewood Parish Council have two subcommittees to consider Planning Applications and any Parishioner comments on the specific Planning Proposals. One subcommittee for Harewood Village, Wike, Weardley and surrounding land and another for the Wigton Ward.

Leeds City Council allows 21 days for the return of comments so applications have to be considered and a decision made promptly. If there is not a unanimous decision within the subcommittee, the other subcommittee is consulted for their opinion or the Chairperson before a final decision is made.

If Harewood Parish Council object to a Planning Application we may contact Leeds City Council Planning Office for further information but we also notify the elected Leeds City Council Ward Councillors of our decision to represent our views at Leeds City Council Planning Meetings. (Parish Councillors and interested members of the Public may attend Leeds City Council Planning Meetings and are allowed 3 minutes to make their comments on a specific Planning Application before the Planning Members make their decision).

Planning Applications and their decisions are discussed at our regular Parish Council Meetings where Parishioners and other members of the public may comment.

For further information regarding planning please visit LCC Planning