Election of Officers

There are 9 elected councillors in Harewood Parish Council.

We have just over 3,000 parishioners.

More than 80% of the parishioners reside within the Wigton Ward and are represented by 7 councillors.

Less than 20% of the parishioner reside within the Harewood, (Weardley) and Wike Ward.

At the Annual Parish Council  Meetings held in May each year the Chairperson and Vice Chair are elected from the elected Harewood Parish Councillors.

When there is a vacancy for a Councillor the process is to inform Leeds City Council who accept nominations and then appoint within 28 days. Harewood Parish Council may only advertise on their Noticeboards or website of an opening position.

Candidates preferably reside within the Parish or must reside within a three mile radius of the Parish.

If a Councillor is not forthcoming or elected then the Parish Council may co-opt members to serve in the vacant position until the next Local Election.

All councillors and co-opted members have to go through due process of local elections every four years, organised by Leeds City Council, usually in May. (The last elections were held in 2011).