How the Council Works

The Council meets every six weeks or so, alternating between Harewood and Wigton Moor. The work carried out by the Harewood Parish Councillors is voluntary and non political. In addition to the Parish Council meetings, there are numerous meetings with Leeds City Council and workshops to keep us informed and upto date with government and local changes in regulations. The Councillors are not renumerated for their time and effort. The Harewood Parish Council Agendas and Minutes are displayed on each of the four notice boards throughout the parish; minutes are all posted on this website and meetings are open to the public.  A chair and vice-chair are elected for one year at time from the members of the council and members are elected by local people in elections held every four years.  The next election will be in May 2015.

Harewood Parish Council meets to discuss matters concerning activities within the Parish and to talk through the implications of these activities for the parishioners. The subject matters are diverse, from speeding traffic, traffic congestion, road repairs, lighting, rights of way, licensing, planning applications and burials within our cemetery. The Council acts as a conduit between the grass roots levels of the parishioners and Leeds City Council and visa versa. Parishioner's may come to our meetings and make representation of issues and the Parish Council endeavour to respond as promptly as possible.

The Council has the statutory right to be advised of, and to comment on, all planning applications for developments in the parish area.  The eventual decisions are made by the elected members of Leeds City Council, but all the comments and opinions of local parishes must be reported and included in the decision-making process.  This is an important service to people in Harewood and Wigton Moor and a large part of the activities of the council.  See under 'Planning' for more details.

Meetings always discuss the financial position of the council, requests for grants and donations, city-wide policies on subjects like transport, waste disposal and highway improvements any concerns brought to the attention of councillors by their constituents.

Meetings always receive a Report from the Burial Board when the management of the Cemetery is also discussed.

Under Any Other Business Councillors report on any other matters arising that they wish actioned or have been reported to them from Parishioners.